Amy was born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma and graduated from Norman North High School in 2001. She spent 2 years at Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa and was active in school and church leadership but couldn’t settle on a major; so she left for the Oklahoma School of Photography and graduated in 2004 as a certified professional photographer and lab technician. However, with the shift from film to digital, she focused more towards the artistic aspect of photography. She lived on the east coast in Virginia and Florida for 6 years and has been back in her home state since July 2017.

Professionally, she has always worked in specialty areas where customer service is essential; and this has been a natural ability for her because of her belief in treating every person with respect and kindness as well as with the same degree of service as she expects from others. She is thrilled to be a part of the Top Quality Doors team and is excited for her future with the company. She has actually known Kelly and Selena for years as they are family of family; and she and her sister even sang at their wedding! Amy is also an abstract artist, writer, singer, and fine art photographer. She has an eight year old beagle named Kakashi, and he is her sweet furbaby boy.